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Do not reinvent
user permissions

Granular access control that grows with your business.

Cerbos provides complete authorization for your product while enabling collaborative management of permissions.

Use Cases

Application Permissions

Go beyond roles - fine grained context aware permissions.

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Product Packaging

Dynamically manage tiered feature sets in your enterprise product.

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Support Enterprise Orgs

Manage complex organizational requirements for each customer.

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Multi-tenant SaaS

Support multiple customer environments at scale.

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Why Cerbos?

Quick installation

Get up and running in minutes, not in weeks with our SDKs, quick-start guides and integrations.

Collaborative process

Once implemented by developers, Cerbos can be managed by business teams to evolve policies independently.

Configuration rather than code

When requirements change, edit the configuration and not the code.

Go beyond role-based access control (RBAC)

Dynamic, context-aware attribute-based access controls that are vastly more powerful and complements traditional, static role based access controls.

Lightning speed
Easy to configure

For Developers
Backend | Frontend | Infra

  • Simple API
    Replace complicated permissions logic with a single API call to check access.
  • Compatible with your full-stack A single authorization system for a heterogeneous architecture with many deployment options, SDKs and integrations.
  • No vendor lock-in
    Cerbos is fully self-contained and deployed to your own infrastructure.
  • Open Source
    Know exactly what you're deploying to your environment, get help from the community and contribute to the ongoing development of the product.
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For Operators
Product | Information Security

  • No-code / low code
    Define, evolve and deploy complex access control policies without requiring developer time
  • B2B enterprise ready
    Meet each one of your customers' organizational requirements by defining custom policies for each one of them.
  • Full accountability
    Comprehensive audit trails of every policy change and access decision made.
  • AI powered smart policies (coming soon)
    Anomaly detection and prevention; least privilege access recommendations; SIEM integrations
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