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Try these pre-built examples

Language Policy Playground GitHub Video
HRIS Application Python Leave Policy HR Demo Repository Video (7m)
Expense Application Node Expense Policy Expense Demo Repository Video (4m)
Online Store Go Store Policy Repo N/A
Express + JWT Node CRUD Policy Repo N/A
Product Packaging YAML Product Policy N/A N/A

Or start a new one from scratch in a blank playground.

Need help building your policies?

If you need help modelling your application and building your policies, please get in touch with us either via help@cerbos.dev, chat, or our Slack community.

Would you like us to include your examples here?

Please get in touch with us via help@cerbos.dev

How it works

Step one

Compose your policies using our simple editor.

Step two

Think about the principals and the different instances of the resource(s) in your application domain.

Step three

Check how the policies apply to each action, principal and resource combination.


See what the Cerbos API requests and responses look like.

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