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Eddie Jaoude: Authorisation for YOUR apps using an API request with Cerbos

Published by Alex Olivier on July 25, 2022

Last week Cerbos joined a "Teach Eddie" LIVE stream with Eddie Jaoude and chatted about decoupled access control using Cerbos and did a live demo of integrating it into a Node.js app.

Also in the session we touched upon:

  • Build features, not plumbing - decouple and centrally manage the authorization logic across all applications and services to reduce repetition, gain visibility and push access changes instantly across the fleet.
  • Fine grained access management - test and deploy fine-grained access control policies with confidence using CI/CD/GitOps workflow.
  • Bring your own identity - Cerbos works with any identity provider from popular services like Auth0, Okta, FusionAuth, Magic, WorkOS to your own, bespoke directory system.

You can watch the full talk below (YouTube)

We are looking forward to joining Eddie again in the future to dive deeper on authorization and Cerbos.


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