Extending Okta with Cerbos for fine-grained access control

Extending Okta with Cerbos for fine-grained access control

Okta has become one of the primary identity services for enterprise applications in recent years. It's powerful user management, authentication mechanisms and roles/groups support make it an easy choice for organisations that are managing numerous services and systems and need a single source of truth for a user's identity.

However, there are times when the user profile and groups within Okta are a limitation to the sorts of authorization needed in apps. This is where Cerbos comes in, layering on an authorization and policy engine enables you to centralize authorization decisions and keep your application and authentication and user management system free of application specific access control logic.

We have created an example of how you use the rich identity and authentication solutions within Okta as inputs to an application using Cerbos for fine-grained access control.

You can find the code and guide to setting up an application in Okta for use with Cerbos on Github.

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