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The importance of data security for startups

Published by Emre Baran on August 21, 2023

The full article is available on Startups Magazine - read it here.

The digital revolution has brought incredible opportunities, but it has also exposed us to increasing cyber threats. Cyber-attacks are on the rise globally, with an alarming 60% of European SMEs closing within six months of an attack due to the financial losses they cannot afford.

Hackers target startups because of their vulnerable security measures and overlooked system vulnerabilities. It's not just about your information—it's the sensitive personal data of your customers and suppliers, who may represent larger companies with valuable assets.

The Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP), a non-profit foundation dedicated to enhancing software security, is a beacon in this scenario. The foundation's Top 10 list serves as a benchmark for assessing web application security. For the past two years, a specific variant of Broken Access Control has ranked highest as a concern, in which unauthorised users can access objects that should be off-limits to them due to inadequate authorisation checks.

One of the methodologies that has become a fundamental model of network cybersecurity is the "zero trust" strategy. This model aims to secure connections by verifying identity and individual authorisation. It's about not trusting anything inside or outside the system and verifying everything.

The full article is available on Startups Magazine - read it here.


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