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Cerbos Cloud

A cloud-hosted control plane for Cerbos

A scalable solution for developers who want to save time, streamline their workflows and confidently roll out authorization updates using a fully hosted control plane. Focus on what you do best - delivering great products. Leave authorization to Cerbos Cloud.

Utility Warehouse

Complete Policy Management

All the power of Cerbos with none of the legwork

Cerbos Cloud makes policy testing and distribution easy with a managed CI pipeline. Policies remain in your own GitHub repo, which you can control and manage access.

Fast and Efficient

Fully managed CI/CD pipeline for authorization logic

Policies are compiled in the pipeline into an optimized format, resulting in faster startup and lower memory usage of PDP instances. Any changes to policies trigger validation, testing, and deployment simultaneously to all Cerbos PDP instances running in your environment.

Deployment Options

On-premise, Cloud, Edge, Functions, Kubernetes

Wherever you run your Cerbos instances, Cerbos Cloud can simplify the process of testing and distributing policies.

Multiple Environments

Manage Cerbos deployments just like your app

Cerbos Cloud lets you manage multiple deployments from a single workspace with support for tag/branch/commit-based policy distribution. You can have multiple versions of your application running with specific policies for each environment deployed and managed by Cerbos.

What our users say about Cerbos


Rob, Principal Engineer
@ Utility Warehouse

"It's weird to say an outside company has our back, but Cerbos does. It's the people. It's their open-source code: it's high quality, you can read it, it does what it says on the tin"


Joe, Software Engineer
@ 9fin

"It's a good feeling being able to say yes to almost any permissioning requirement."


David, Senior Software Engineer
@ Salesroom

"It's easy for us to change how we're distributing policies as we reach different points of scale."


Joe, CEO & Co-Founder
@ Nook

"We went from one user - every role, to a world where there are many users - many roles."


Chuck, Head of Engineering
@ Salesroom

"Instead of thinking of how much time Cerbos has saved us, I think about how much time it didn't cost us. It didn't cost us any time. Cerbos just works. I don't have to think about it. It's as simple as that."


Steve, Staff Engineer

"One of our big considerations was speed. We have strict latency tolerances. When it comes to Cerbos - you can call it a hundred times during a request and it doesn't matter. It's incredibly fast."


Engin, Head of Product and Growth & Co-Founder
@ Debite

"If it wasn't for Cerbos, one thing is for sure - we would've launched later than we did. As a result, we would have less customers."


Rounak, Founding Engineer
@ CommandK

"Cerbos policy writing is quite flexible, and deploying as a unit microservice as well. Cerbos "doesn't get in the way" once integrated, that's the best part."


Romina, Tech Lead
@ Wizeline

"It is easy to implement and provides a solution for a problem that is often not properly addressed."


Henry, CTO & Co-Founder
@ Nook

"Having the separation of the permissions from the code base just makes the code base more elegant. It makes the permissioning more elegant. "


Rasmus, CTO
@ Firtal

"Just discovered your embedded testing framework. This is probably the best balance between hyperfocused functionality and embedded tooling I've ever seen in an open source project. Damn, good work!"

Simplify managing authorization policies, testing changes, and distributing updates in real-time with Cerbos Cloud

Focus on delivering great products and improving the end-user experience.