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Cerbos offering

Open source

Authorization layer for developer to implement scalable access control

Free forever

Run anywhere: on-premise or cloud

Access to:

  • YAML-based policy definition
  • Policy playground
  • Audit logs
  • CI/CD & IDE tooling
  • Git, Disk, Cloud or DB-based storage
  • Community support


Get started with fine-grained authorization for your projects or applications


Maximum 500 monthly active principals

Access to:

  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited managed PDPs
  • Unlimited authorization checks
  • Managed CI/CD pipeline
  • Coordinated rollouts
  • In-browser/serverless authorization
  • Community support


System-wide authorization management and auditing

From $25/mo

Pick your monthly active principals

3 month free trial

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Multiple workspaces
  • Support & uptime SLA
  • Live Chat support


Best for production-level authorization at large-scale

Let's chat

Custom plans/pricing to suit your needs

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Custom training support
  • Premium support SLA
  • Phone support
  • Quarterly training
Running a B2C application or very large user base?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a principal?

Very simply, "principal" is just a fancy term for a user. For most applications, the terms "user" and "principal" are interchangeable because the application is only ever used by humans. However, Cerbos is not just for authorizing humans; it can also be used to authorize access from other applications, services, bots or anything you can think of. Therefore, we prefer to use the proper computer security term to make that clear.