Implement authorization once and for all

Replace complicated authorization logic with a single call and allow product owners or security teams to manage access without touching code.

Configuration - not code

Define permissions as config outside of your application logic meaning no more code changes when requirements change


Cerbos is containerized, stateless and has a very low resource footprint: allowing it to be scaled horizontally to handle any kind of demanding workload.

Developer Tooling

Ensure policies are production ready using first class support for GitOps including a built-in testing framework and CI/CD integration.

Why Cerbos

Simple API

Replace complicated, hardcoded permissions logic with a single API call.

Made for Humans

Simple YAML policies, clear documentation and a variety of SDKs for your language of choice.

No vendor lock-in

Cerbos is fully self-contained and deployed to your own infrastructure. You can even run Cerbos on air-gapped environments without any extra work.

Open Source

Source code is freely available and you can harness the power of the community to get help, fix bugs and implement new features.

Implement Cerbos in under 4 mins

Watch our video tutorial on adding a typical
CRUD policy to a simple express app in Node.js

SDKs & Integrations

Try it out

Use the Cerbos Playground to prototype policies right in your browser

Ready to get started?

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