Plug and play collaborative authorization

Define and evolve complex policies without requiring further developer effort.

Why Cerbos


Define and evolve complex policies without requiring a release cycle


Meet your compliance requirements with a full audit trail of policies, permissions, access to resources


Be enterprise ready and meet each of your customer's organizational requirements with ease


Coming soon: SIEM integrations and anomaly detection and recommendations of policy changes

Cerbos Overview

Learn about how Cerbos works and adds
declarative access control into your application in minutes.

Use Cases

Application Permissions

Go beyond roles - fine grained context aware permissions

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Product Packaging

Dynamically manage tiered feature sets in your enterprise product

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Enterprise Ready

Manage complex organizational requirements for each customer

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Multi-tenant SaaS

Support multiple customer environments at scale

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How it works

Define Your Resources

Document each component of the system and all the actions that are possible upon them.

Resource Policies

Implement Checks

Working with your development team add in the permission checks - this only has to be done once!

Developer Resources

Define Policies

Based upon your business logic, create policies which grant users the ability to take actions.

Policy Documentation


As new requirements come along new policies and conditions can be introduced without having to make a code change.

Ready to get started?

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