Application Permissions

Go beyond roles. Context aware authorization provides fine-grained access control to any resource in your system without baking in complicated logic into your code.

Centralize access decisions

A single point for all access controls to be defined and evaluated across your application.

Context-aware access control

Fine grained policies that can make use of request and user context for realtime decisioning.

Configuration rather than Code

Policies are defined in simple YAML so other teams can manage them as you scale.


Define access policies using human readable YAML. No need to master a new policy language.

Super-charged Roles

Dynamically derive new roles based on contextual information. Don’t be limited to what your IdP provides.


Make use of context such as IP address and time of day to make realtime access decisions

Ultrafast API

Access decisions in milliseconds.


Develop, test, and deploy policies just as you do with your source code.

Multiple Environments

Built-in policy versioning to support canary deployments and different environments.

Cloud Native

Containerised deployment as a microservice or a sidecar. REST and gRPC interfaces. Top-notch observability.

Audit Logs

Capture every decision and analyze them later.


Leverage our community for examples and help.

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