Support Enterprise Organisations

Enterprise customers come with complex requirements. Easily manage the complicated web of departments, geographies and management hierarchies of your customer organisations using Cerbos policies.

Manage organisational complexity

Provide access controls that reflect reality of departments, offices and geographies.

Support internal teams

Grant controlled access to support and product teams whose permissions span customers, departments and geographies.

Full audit trail

Capture and log every policy change, request and decision for full visibility.


Define access policies using human readable YAML. No need to master a new policy language.

Super-charged Roles

Dynamically derive new roles based on contextual information. Don’t be limited to what your IdP provides.


Make use of context such as IP address and time of day to make realtime access decisions

Ultrafast API

Access decisions in milliseconds.


Develop, test, and deploy policies just as you do with your source code.

Multiple Environments

Built-in policy versioning to support canary deployments and different environments.

Cloud Native

Containerised deployment as a microservice or a sidecar. REST and gRPC interfaces. Top-notch observability.

Audit Logs

Capture every decision and analyze them later.


Leverage our community for examples and help.

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